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A day in the life of

a self-fulfilling prophecy of endless possibility

Anna. Florida. Shy yet loud in bursts. Mind is constantly on the move. Enjoys music far more than healthy. Has an odd affinity for all things Scandinavian. Picky eater yet enjoys strange foods. Has an unnatural fear of the telephone. Hates zucchinni. Proud Disney geek. Prefers the rain over sunshine. Learns bits and pieces of languages for fun. Writes endlessly and poorly. Gardens way too much. Nitpicky and critical. Detrimentally nostalgic. Confused agnostic. Will correct your spelling and grammar. Always sleepy. Never leaves the house without flip flops. Loves the comforts of home or a nice hotel room far too much to ever enjoy a camping trip. Finds androgynous boys sexy. Listens to every strange musical artist. Believes in ghosts. Has frighteningly vivid and often trippy dreams. Has dreams for the future as well. Fairly nice. Doesn't bite.

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/b/, 1920s, 1980s, 1984, 4chan, agnosticism, androgyny, angels and demons, astrology, being obsessive, björk, blogging, breakfast on pluto, britain, british accents, bucket, cameras, capslock, castles, cats, cheshire cat grins, chocolate, chris wolstenholme, cloudy days, colin greenwood, concerts, conspiracy theories, current events, dancer in the dark, david tennant, dead composers, discovering new bands, disney, doctor who, dom howard, doodling, drawing, dreams, ducklings, ducks, dusk, ed o'brien, editors, eivør pálsdóttir, england, environmentalism, europe, fangirling, fanmixes, flight of the conchords, florida, fog, franz ferdinand, friends of the earth, gardening, glam, good lyrics, greenpeace, hot chocolate, iceland, illuminati, infp, japanese food, jeff buckley, jeffrey lewis, jonathan ross, jonny greenwood, joy division, languages and linguistics, laughing, leaving florida, liberalism, life, loling, london, lulz, matt bellamy, meeting new people, memphis, mike patton, muse, music, musicals, mythology, never mind the buzzcocks, new age, noam chomsky, noel fielding, norway, not being my parents, old graveyards, old gregg, patrick wolf, phantom of the opera, photography, pigeons, playing the guitar, playing the keyboard, playing the piano, politics, psychology, puffins, radiohead, rain, rainy days, reincarnation, remembering things, rocky horror picture show, roller coasters, rowing, rufus wainwright, sarasota, scandinavia, scotland, simon amstell, singing badly, small island nations, songwriting, soundtracks, space ghost, spastic dancing, stalking, svalbard, sweeney todd, tea, the arctic, the beach, the big ask, the cars, the far north, the faroe islands, the gfr, the human mind, the magic position, the mighty boosh, the netherlands, the office, the ondes martenot, the paranormal, the tardis, theremins, thom yorke, thom yorke's wonky eye, thrill rides, time alone, violins, wales, walking, wanderlusting, writing